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We teach you how to get on TOP of your business instead of working IN your Business

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Erica’s speaking background is very diverse. She has spoken in front of large as well as small groups of people from all walks of life. Some of her speaking engagements have included national educational conferences, civic groups, professional development for various professional organizations, complex conflict resolution situations, boardrooms and training rooms virtually to in-person classrooms.

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As a life long learner and a sponge for knowledge, we are constantly updating this section. Please revisit often for new material and courses


Bossed Up Academy..... I promise I will be turning my already Racks into more stacks. I even made my teenagers and marko sit in. Thank you Erica! This class was awesome

Clark Michelle​

😍❤ I like the versatile topics and willingness to share information. I look forward to many more informational sessions... thank you for showing the way. I appreciate everything you do and share. Erica, I consider you a friend!

Yessenia Cordero

Big thanks to Erica Simpson and Boss Up Academy for continuing to educate and grow entrepreneurs. Tonight's webinar was very informative

Laria Hairston

Enjoyed the free webinar with Erica Simpson tonight. This was my 2nd webinar with her....I'm soaking it up like a sponge. I definitely recommend following Bossed Up Academy if you're a current or aspiring business owner. #knowledgelsPower

Martonio Patterson

Enjoyed every minute of this tonight!!

Ryan Cunningham

I really enjoyed reading your book Erica, I really enjoyed reading your book. It is never too early to teach children the importance of hard work and how that will lead them to be successful in life. Thank you for being a positive role model not only for children, but to the adults as well. Congratulations... See more

Kimberly Turner

About The Founder

Erica Simpson is a business management consultant and the founder of Bossed Up Academy. As a serial entrepreneur who owns a bail bonding, finance, real estate and insurance companies, Erica’s extensive resume makes her the “go to” person for all things concerning business.

Not only has Erica been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and survived the 2008 recession, she has authored two books, Boss Up or Lose Out for real estate agents and a children’s entrepreneurship book, Boss Moves.

Erica Simpson